What is ADO.NET Dataset

The ADO.NET DataSet is a versatile component that holds a collection of data retrieved from a data source. It consists of a DataTableCollection, which contains multiple DataTable objects, and a DataRelationCollection, which defines relationships between the DataTables.

Disconnected manner

One of the key advantages of using a DataSet is its ability to work in a disconnected manner. This means that once the data is fetched from the data source and stored in the DataSet, it can be manipulated and used without requiring a constant connection to the data source. This provides flexibility and scalability in managing data.


Unlike a DataReader, which is primarily used with connection-oriented data sources, the DataSet can work with a variety of data sources, including disconnected ones. It contains a copy of the requested data, allowing for efficient data manipulation and analysis.

Contain multiple tables simultaneously

The DataSet can contain multiple tables simultaneously, making it suitable for scenarios where data from different sources or queries needs to be combined and related. Data relations can be established between these tables, enabling the navigation and retrieval of related data.


The DataAdapter class plays a crucial role in populating DataTables within the DataSet. It provides methods such as Fill, which retrieves data from the data source and fills the DataTables with the retrieved data. This allows for easy population of the DataSet with data either from a data source or dynamically generated.

Moreover, a DataSet can be saved to an XML file, providing a convenient way to persist the data. The saved XML file can then be loaded back into memory, restoring the DataSet and its contents.

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