Common Language Specification - CLS

Common Language Specification (CLS) is a set of basic language features that .Net Languages needed to develop Applications and Services , which are compatible with the .Net Framework. When there is a situation to communicate Objects written in different .Net Complaint languages , those objects must expose the features that are common to all the languages . Common Language Specification (CLS) ensures complete interoperability among applications, regardless of the language used to create the application.

Common Language Specification (CLS) defines a subset of Common Type System (CTS) . Common Type System (CTS) describes a set of types that can use different .Net languages have in common , which ensure that objects written in different languages can interact with each other. Most of the members defined by types in the .NET Framework Class Library (FCL) are Common Language Specification (CLS) compliant Types. Moreover Common Language Specification (CLS) standardized by ECMA .
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