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What is Microsoft .Net Framework

The Microsoft .Net Framework is a platform that provides tools and technologies you need to build Networked Applications as well as Distributed Web Services and Web Applications. The .Net Framework provides the necessary compile time and run-time foundation to build and run any language that conforms to the Common Language Specification (CLS).The main two components of .Net Framework are Common Language Runtime (CLR) and .Net Framework Class Library (FCL).


The Common Language Runtime (CLR) is the runtime environment of the .Net Framework , that executes and manages all running code like a Virtual Machine. The .Net Framework Class Library (FCL) is a huge collection of language-independent and type-safe reusable classes. The .Net Framework Class Libraries (FCL) are arranged into a logical grouping according to their functionality and usability is called Namespaces. The following lessosns describes how to .Net Framework manages the code in compile time and run time .

Microsoft .NET Framework Versions, Year and Download Links

.NET Framework 1.0 (2002-02-13) Download

.NET Framework 1.1 (2003-04-24) Download

.NET Framework 2.0 (2005-11-07) Download

.NET Framework 3.0 (2006-11-06) Download

.NET Framework 3.5 (2007-11-19) Download

.NET Framework 4.0 (2010-04-12) Download

.NET Framework 4.5 (2012-08-15) Download (C) 2019    Founded by raps mk
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